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Macon County under contract to purchase Higdon Estates, acquisition set to be discussed publicly Tuesday night

Franklin High School’s $110 million new construction expansion might be redesigned in the near future as the Macon County Board of Commissioners is set to discuss property acquisition during the monthly board meeting tonight. The property in question is located across from Franklin High School at 195 Way Street and according to reports, the county has already entered into a contract to purchase it. The property has been listed for sale for years and dawns a price of $1.3 million. Known as the Higdon Estates, the property has been the subject of past discussions regarding the new Franklin High School Facility Project.

According to the agenda, commissioners will be discussing appropriating $1,350,000 from the General Fund Balance to be set aside for the purchase of the property. 

Although no official future use has been confirmed by the county, the fact that the property is located across from Franklin High School has sparked speculation that it would likely be used for the school’s expansion or as part of the ongoing facility project. The Franklin High School Facility Project has been a hot topic in Macon County, with discussions revolving around the need to renovate and modernize the school’s facilities to accommodate the growing student population and address the hazardous interior conditions. Rather than renovate the existing building, commissioners decided to build an entirely new building on the existing property. 

The Higdon Estates property listing boasts 11 acres and the building sitting on the property is described as an estate consisting of a four bedrooms Georgian-style main house,  a two-bedroom carriage house, and a large multipurpose barn. The property is located on rolling pasture lands and is located in Franklin’s Neighborhood mixed-use zone.  

During tonight’s meeting, the Macon County Board of Commissioners will discuss the details of their plans for the Higdon Estates property. The discussions are likely to be focused on the future use of the property, as well as the funding needed to carry out any potential projects. The board may also discuss the potential impact of the project on the surrounding community and how it aligns with the county’s long-term development goals.

The Franklin High project has a price tag of over $100 million based on current plans and to date, commissioners have approved just over $1 million for the initial phases of the project. The county has yet to identify a funding source for the remaining $99 million and with the potential purchase of the Higdon Estates, the overall scope of the project is likely to be re-evaluated. 

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