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Macon man sentenced to 20 years for child sex crimes reoffends for the second time while out on Parole

Law enforcement in Macon County arrested Archie Picklesimer on Wednesday and charged him with

2nd degree forcible rape

2nd degree forcible sex offense

6 counts of a sex offender registry violation

Picklesimer was also charged with a Parole Violation, as he was on Parole following a conviction in 2022 in Macon County for two felony counts of registered sex offender on child premises. Picklesimer’s 2022 conviction was the result of a 2019 arrest when he was found to be on spending time at a Macon County Recreation Park, despite being a registered sex offender. A GPS tracking unit alerted a probation and parole officer that Picklesimer went twice on July 4, 2019 to the recreation park which located near Franklin on Georgia Road (US 441 south).

Picklesimer moved to Macon County in 2018 and was required to register as a Sex Offender because of a 2012 conviction in Rabun County, Georgia on two counts of child molestation. He moved to Macon County in 2018 after serving six years for the 2012 conviction.

Picklesimer was sentenced to 8-19 months in prison, consecutively , for each of the two counts he was found guilty of in 2022. When he finished his sentence in North Carolina, Picklesimer was supposed to then be sent to Georgia to serve the remaining 14 years of his original 20-year sentence from 2012, due to the new charges being a parole violation. However, just 24 months after being found guilty in a Macon County court, not only was Picklesimer no longer incarcerated, he was found to have access to multiple social media sites using the alias A. Bo Alexander, a direct violation of his Parole.

According to the North Carolina Department of Corrections, Picklesimer was released from custody in North Carolina on July 16, 2023. He was transferred to Georgia where he was supposed to finish out the remainder of his original 20 year sentence, however on September 27, 2023, the Georgia Department of Corrections reported his release from prison and he once again placed on Parole. The North Carolina Sex Offender Registry reports that Picklesimer’s last registered address was listed at the Macon County Detention Center on January 23, 2024.

The Macon County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate Picklesimer. If you have any information that could pertain to this case, please contact the MCSO Special Victims Unit at 828-349-2076

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