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Macon reports 10 COVID19 deaths in less than two weeks

On Wednesday, September 29, the Macon County Department of Public Health reported that Macon County reached 60 total deaths since the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic. The first COVID19 death in Macon County was reported mid 2020 — and by August 3, 2020, the county was reporting its fourth COVID19 death. Over the next few months, the health department would notify the public of additional deaths every couple of weeks. 

As the Delta Variant began to surge in North Carolina, deaths were being reported at a much higher rate. On September 13, the Macon County Department of Public Health reported the 50th COVID19 related death and today the department received notification that two (2) Macon County residents, one (1) between ages 50-64 years old and one (1) between ages 65-74 years old, bringing the total deaths in Macon County to sixty (60). 

“During this most difficult time, we offer our deepest and most sincere condolences to these families,” said Health Director, Kathy McGaha. McGaha continued, “Macon County residents can help protect themselves and others in our community by receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Macon County Public Health has appointments available for the lifesaving vaccine for everyone who is 12 years old and older. The more individuals who get this vaccine, the more likely that we will stop seeing COVID-19 deaths.”

While COVID19 deaths are on the rise, so are hospitalizations. As of 1:30 a.m. on Sept. 28 there are 152 COVID positive inpatients in Mission Health system; 126 at Mission Hospital; 8 at Angel Medical Center; 3 at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital; 12 at Mission Hospital McDowell; 3 at Transylvania Regional Hospital.

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