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NCDMV Launches Q-Anywhere for to reduce wait times for customers


The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles continues to implement new tools to improve the customer experience. The latest is called Q-Anywhere.

Q-Anywhere allows customers at driver license offices to check in by scanning a QR code and texting a short message to get and hold their place in line. This means you can relax in your vehicle or run a nearby errand while you wait. Customers will get a text message to enter the lobby when staff is ready to serve them.

“The Q-Anywhere process has been amazing. It actually allows us to be able to service more customers in the back with the ability of customers being able to check themselves in and be self-sufficient,” said Driver License Supervisor Tanika Williams.

“We continue to work to improve customer service at our DMV offices across our great state,” DMV Commissioner Wayne Goodwin said. “This project frees people up to not have to wait in line at our offices, but rather, after scanning a QR code to check in, they can go to the bank across the street or grab a bite to eat while they wait for a text letting them know when we are ready to serve them.”

For customers without a cellphone, DMV is working to implement a mobile paging system like those used in the restaurant industry.

Q-Anywhere is up and running in just over half of the state’s 116 driver license offices. The remaining offices will be added in the coming weeks. It builds on previous DMV initiatives, including an ever-increasing number of services being offered online at​ and online appointment scheduling available at

“We encourage customers to skip the trip to the DMV and do their business online, if at all possible,” Commissioner Goodwin said. “If you must come into a driver license office for service, please make an appointment well in advance. And finally, make sure you bring all the needed documentation with you on appointment day.”

Q-Anywhere is being used in more than half of the state’s 116 driver license offices and will be added to the remaining offices in the coming weeks.

Summer is the DMV’s busiest time of year. In order to meet the increased demand across the state, DMV has hired more than 50 new driver license examiners, extended office hours at 25 locations, and added Saturday walk-in only hours at 16 locations​.

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