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Sen. Corbin weekly update from General Assembly

Thank you all for taking the time to read our newsletter. I greatly appreciate your continued support and interest in what we are doing in Raleigh for you. In this newsletter you can find what our office is doing for you both here in Raleigh and back home in District 50. Please do not hesitate to reach out to my office if we can be of any assistance to you.

-Senator Kevin Corbin

Week of May 29 – June 9

Senator Corbin Sponsors Tax Relief For All Bill

Senator Corbin co-sponsored a bill that wound up making an income tax reduction in the current and future budgets. The bill (SB 651) called Tax Relief For All lowers the personal income tax rate every year for the next four years. The rate is 4.99% now but will be lowered to 2.49% by 2026.

Senator Corbin co-sponsors SJR 487 to Apply to Congress an Article V

This joint resolution applies to congress for an Article V Convention of the states for the purpose of proposing an amendment to the United States Constitution to impose term limits on member of Congress.

Chair of Senate Health Committee  

This Wednesday, June 7th, Senator Corbin chaired the Senate Health Committee meeting. The Committee had three bills on the agenda for the day: HB 323, HB 484, and HB 747 (for discussion only). HB 323 concerns the retention of adult vocational programs for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. HB 484 involves the disclosure of confidential mental health information. HB 747 looks at modifying the current enforcement and programs surrounding federal work requirements for SNAP recipients. This bill was for discussion only during this committee meeting and therefore was not voted on.

Young Drivers No Longer Need to go to the DMV to Upgrade Provisional License

Drivers with a valid provisional license will no longer have to take a trip to the DMV in order to upgrade their license to a Class C license. In order to reduce wait times at the DMV, these drivers are now able to complete this process online. In addition, those with State IDs will now also have up until a year to renew online. These changes should result in lower wait times at the DMV.

Senator Corbin Awarded

On Tuesday night, June 6th, Senator Corbin was awarded for Outstanding Commitment and Vision in Expanding Healthcare Access in North Carolina by NC Child. Senator Corbin was recognized for his work to help with the passage of Medicaid expansion. Senator Corbin helped develop and implement Medicaid transformation which took Medicaid from an unpredictable fee-for-service model to a predictable and affordable managed care model. Corbin and his colleagues also made Medicaid expansion at no additional cost to the state. Now the hospitals will pay the required 10% to match to the federal funds. With the passage of this years budget the state income tax will be lowered.

Golden LEAF Awards in District 50

On June 1st the Golden LEAF Board of Directors voted to award funds to several projects within District 50. $478,803 was awarded to Western Carolina University for the Robotics and Automation program. Western Carolina University has the only engineering program west of I-77 in the state and this investment will help strengthen the program. In addition, $15,000 was awarded to Jackson County Economic Development.

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