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Senator Kevin Corbin Recognized as ‘Defender of Public Safety’ by NC Sheriffs’ Association

Raleigh, N.C.— Senator Kevin Corbin was named a “Defender of Public Safety” by the North
Carolina Sheriffs’ Association for his support of law enforcement during the General Assembly’s 2021 session.

Senator Corbin (R-Macon) said, “I have always supported our law enforcement officers
and always will. When you put on a bulletproof vest to go to work then you have
earned my respect.”

During a session that saw a heavy concentration of law enforcement and public safety-related
reform bills, Senator Corbin dedicated time and effort during the session advocating for law
enforcement issues important to the Association which impact the office of sheriff, local
communities, and the state.

That legislative work included securing $7.5 million in grants to help sheriffs’ offices in counties with a population of fewer than 210,000 people, increasing the penalty for breaking or entering a vehicle operated by any law enforcement agency with the intent to commit a felony or larceny, and increasing the penalty for possessing or selling fentanyl.

“Senator Corbin took a leadership role in advancing the legislative priorities of the North
Carolina Sheriffs’ Association which represents all 100 sheriffs in the State,” said Sheriff Ed
McMahon, President of the Association. “As a result, our sheriffs can be assured the profession
of law enforcement will be able to recruit and retain individuals who will serve our communities with integrity and we are better equipped to protect the lives, liberties, and property of North Carolina’s citizens.”

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