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Town of Franklin issues Boil Water Advisory for Highlands Road

There has been a water line break in the area of Macon Plaza (Food Lion) which is impacting water service on parts of the Highlands Road, Fox Ridge, Macon Plaza and Belleview Road. Crews have been working to repair this line and anticipate repairs continuing until at least 4:00 p.m. Water service will be interrupted during the continued repair. When service is restored, there may be air in the lines causing sputtering of water when first turned on, cloudy or brown water, and potentially contain dirt or small particulates. Residents are encouraged to run water from an outside spigot or in the bathtub to eliminate air from the lines quickly.

Due to the nature of this repair, the Town is issuing a boil water advisory for when service is resumed in this area. This boil water advisory does not affect other areas in town.

Here is information related to the Boil Water Advisory:

There are two levels of notices: a Boil Water Advisory and a Boil Water Notice. Here is the difference:

A Boil Water Advisory is voluntarily issued when water contamination is possible. During an advisory, we recommend that customers vigorously boil water for at least 1 minute before consumption or drink bottled water.

A Boil Water Notice is required by law to be issued when contamination is confirmed in the water system. The Town of Franklin has issued a BOIL WATER ADVISORY for those impacted in East Franklin.

Event that initiated the boil water advisory
A water line break that required the water system to be turned off for greater than an hour and the pipe has to be opened to the environment which could allow dirt and groundwater into the system.

What should you do during a boil water advisory?
Boil tap water vigorously for a least one minute before using it for drinking, cooking, or any
consumption. This includes water used for dental care, making ice, food preparation, or any other consumption purposes.

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