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Highlands resident calls for reinstatement of school renovation project

Dear Editor,I attended the April 24th Macon County School Board meeting at Highlands School and was pleased to hear the Highlands School Project remains a priority for the School Board.  Specifically, behind the $118 million new Franklin High School, Highlands School & Pre-K Project is the number one project that has a funding need which is estimated to be less than $5 million.  The School Board pointed out two emergency repair projects that have to be funded immediately but there should be more than adequate funding to cover those needs with a $40 million fund balance.The residents, businesses and the families that call Macon County home need the Highlands School Project to move forward as quickly as possible.  The Pre-K is a key component of this project and the Highlands community currently has 53 children on a waiting list to receive childcare.  Freeing up the childcare space with Pre-K space will provide more opportunities for our children and their families.  I am hopeful the Franklin School Project will continue to progress and we receive a grant from the state to help pay for the new Franklin School.  Moving forward, we need the Macon County Board of Commissioners to reinstate the initial funding for the Highlands School Project.  We cannot afford to wait for another budget cycle or two, because every moment that is wasted, it potentially places another child behind in their education progress.  I urge the commissioners to put the Highlands School Project on the May agenda and give us an up or down vote, taking into consideration the School Board’s priority list and the Highlands School Project placement on that list.Jerry MooreHighlands, NC

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