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Letter to the Editor: The state treasurer has heart for Carolina community

Despite relocating to Northern Virginia earlier this year, I still keep up with local news in my home, western North Carolina.I was delighted to see the state treasurer, Mr. Folwell, doing an excellent job keeping the books for the public purse—most recently by returning lost money to Western Carolina University.A former teacher, I will never forget when Mr. Folwell spoke to students at the school where I taught civics. He explained the state treasurer’s fiduciary watchdog role well enough to high school-aged students that, after the session, a student told me, “I understand how government works now.”As stated in The Southern Scoop’s recent article about Folwell and the returned Western Carolina money, NC’s gem is its university system. I thank Mr. Folwell for truly “treasuring” it.Another trait of the state treasurer I will never forget: his love for motorcycles. I still remember him arriving and leaving on his motorcycle after he spoke at my school in western NC. What a sight!Aaron KohrsAlexandria, VirginiaFormer and recent western NC resident and life-long native

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