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The Inside Scoop: Finding comfort in death

When my dad passed away just 2 weeks after being diagnosed with liver cancer, I was just 25 years old and had no idea where to even begin to plan a funeral. Nothing can ever make losing a loved one easier. While trying to merely survive the pain of experiencing the death of someone close to you – adding the burden of making final arrangements can quickly become too much to bear.

Funeral Care is something you don’t know a lot about until you need it, which was my experience in 2013 after my dad passed away. That entire time was such a blur and I feel like my family and I lost the closure that can be found in a funeral because we were just trying to survive it. Knowing how hard we struggled with the process, makes me forever grateful to learn that families across Western North Carolina have the option Moffitt Family Funeral Care is creating an innovative experience that focuses on healing in the time of death rather than selling a product for someone’s end of life.

Moffitt Family Funeral Care embodies the sense of community and healing in their approach to funeral care. After watching his parents Don and Kathy Moffitt spend more than 50 years serving families in ministry, David Moffitt embarked on the journey of creating Moffitt Family Funeral Care to place an emphasis on community, healing, and closure to the funeral industry.

David, Don, and Kathy believe that a family atmosphere provides genuine comfort, care, and love, which is why they have taken the unique approach of building a community of care team members to help those struggling with loss. From faith leaders to compassionate professionals, the care team members at Moffitt Family Funeral Care are dedicated to walking hand-in-hand with those navigating the funeral planning process.

The priority Moffitt Family Funeral Care places on grief support and healing help families look at funerals as an opportunity to celebrate and honor their lost loved one, rather than only mourning their loss. Planning each funeral in a way that will honor the memory and legacy left behind gives families a new perspective when facing arrangements for the final stage of life.

In the short time David and his team have been serving families in WNC, they have worked diligently to provide a refuge from the toll death can take on a family to ensure families like mine are afforded the opportunity to heal from death, not merely just make it through.

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