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The Inside Scoop: What’s next with Infinte30

I finished up the first phase of Infinite30 on March 1 and after losing 17 pounds — I have gotten a lot of questions about what is next for me and for the second phase of the program. 

Infinite30 is split into three-phase — Lose, Learn, Live. In the lose phase — I lost 17 pounds and a ton of inches and I feel amazing. I am sleeping so much better, I have a ton of energy, and the pressure around my knee (torn ACL) is significantly better. 

But my journey with Infinite30 isn’t over. I am officially in the Learn phase — which is geared toward learning what foods work with my body. 

This phase is a little harder to explain because while the Lose version is the same for everyone, the Learn phase varies from person to person. 

What stays the same for everyone: 

Mandy Holland Laws passed me off to Nadine Bramlett — a certified personal trainer and Infinite30 coach. She serves as the personal coach for the Learn phase of the program. Any questions — what foods you can and cannot have — any fitness or exercise questions — any motivation you need — Nadine is a wizard and is amazing at guiding you through. Her goal is to touch base with clients in the second phase once a week — preferably in-person to help hold you accountable — but will also text and make phone calls to accommodate your schedule. 

What changes for everyone:

This week Nadine and I went over a list of foods I can begin to add back into my diet. I choose peppers and sausage because breakfast and stirfry are things I desperately missed and am so happy to have back. After a solid month of limiting food choice, I quickly learned the very first day after adding sausage that cooking it on the griddle and the grease involved did NOT sit well with my body — and that is exactly the purpose of the Learn phase — to learn what works best for me! I waited a few days and then cooked sausage in the airfryer and that did the trick. 

Next week Nadine and I will touch base and look at adding in another protein and another vegetable — I am thinking this week I will add bacon and maybe cauliflower. 

I haven’t lost any additional pounds — but my clothes keep fitting looser so I am sure I am losing inches. I will go and weigh in the first chance I get. The important part to me on the Learn phase is that I know that even with adding these new foods, I am maintaining my weight and not gaining anything, which is really exciting for me! I will keep slowly adding back in foods to see how my body reacts — this way I know if a certain food causes me to gain weight — and if it does, I can learn to live without it. 

I have family photos scheduled for Saturday. We decided to have a family photo session to celebrate my momma’s birthday and this is the first time we have all done pictures since my dad passed away nearly eight years ago. It is probably the first time in 8 years that I am excited to have pictures taken because I am happy with my body and where I am at right now!! I am sure I will flood you all with the photos as soon as I get them taken! 

One of the things that stood out to me when talking with Nadine this week is that Infinite30 is so beneficial because it isn’t a fad. It isn’t a quick fix — you don’t lose the weight and then move on your own — the staff at Infinite30 in the Mountains stays with you to help you learn how to live and thrive in a new brand new lifestyle, and that is why I am so excited and encouraged by the success I have seen and its sustainability! 

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