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10 Great North Carolina Mountains Family-friendly Kayaking and Canoeing Activities

Unless you’re a last-minute planner of family vacations, then you already have your summer trip to our beautiful mountains of all lined up (sorta). You’ve picked a quaint little town and booked your cute rental cabin or hotel room. You have BIG plans…to keep the kiddos busy and off the video games! Oh, for sure!!!

But what happens when you’re tired of hiking to those beautiful waterfalls or Instagram-worthy rocky lookout spots? There are plenty of other fun things to do in these Great Smoky Mountains. For instance, get them on a kayak paddling on a lake or down a stream or river. There are plenty of great spots and outfitters that can rent you those single and two-person kayaks.

You don’t necessarily need to be a current tourist or a tourist-in-planning to appreciate finding some awesome new family-friendly kayaking (and canoe) locations. You could be ready to do something besides binge-watching season one of Outer Banks (that second season kicks off tonight, Jul 30, 2021!!!)

Here in Western North Carolina, there are a variety of places to put the kayaks in the water; some require parking and a boat ramp, while others might require two cars and a little more logistical planning, but each one is unique and worth the effort.

Let’s explore the 10 great North Carolina mountains family-friendly kayaking and canoeing activities, and make sure to notice the other adventure options such as fly fishing, zip-lining, and paddleboarding; you might end up trying something that wasn’t even on your radar!

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