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19 AWESOME Instagram Photo Spots in the WNC Great Smokies

“Pics or it didn’t happen”

@dallashandy Cue ‘Circle of Life’ on Rough Ridge
Photo: @dallashandy Cue ‘Circle of Life’ on Rough Ridge

If there’s no digital proof of your hike, your bike ride, your kayak trip, dinner…did it really happen? You and your family are on that much-awaited for North Carolina mountains summer vacation – free of work and school and you plan to wear your kids out on the trails under majestic canopies of pines and poplars. You’ve trucked it 1.5 miles down a fern-laced trail with your kids with hardly any complaints. Your adventure brings you to a waterfall that tumbles down 80 feet across boulders and winds between bushes and branches for a scene that even amazes your children…

Sure beats a video game, huh?

Now you’ve just got to get the whole crew together in front of the rumbling water for that picture that immortalizes this moment in time.

See the 19 AWESOME Instagram Photo Spots in the WNC Great Smokies


Lee Cloer is the owner of 828Vibes™️, a travel blog of the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. 828 Vibes™️ celebrates the Western North Carolina Mountains of the 828 Area Code.

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