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Amazon opening delivery station in Macon County 

“Now Hiring” flyers for Amazon have been making their way around Macon County this week — leaving many to wonder what exactly is the company planning for the area. 

According to representatives with Amazon, they will be opening an Amazon Delivery Station later this Spring. The center will be located at 322 Industrial Park Rd, Franklin, NC, and is currently under construction. 

Amazon utilizes a series of different centers to get packages to customers. While the company’s fulfillment center is around 800,000 in size and can employ more than 1,500 people who pick, pack, and ship packages to customers, delivery stations are much smaller and play a different role in the journey of an Amazon package.

Last-mile delivery stations are one of six different types of fulfillment centers that are integral to Amazon providing fast, everyday shipping to their customers.

From the fulfillment center, Amazon employees load the package onto a truck and transport it to an Amazon Air site, according to Amazon’s “Journey of a Package,” before it goes to a sorting center to be organized by zip code, then to a delivery station like the one being built in Macon County. At these local terminals, orders are received from Amazon’s fulfillment centers and prepared for last-mile delivery to customers.

The delivery station will employ drivers with routes in and around Macon County— with the average route being four and a half hours long with over 100 stops. Hourly pay averages more than $19, with employees earning $16 to $26 an hour.

Amazon’s workforce in the state soared to more than 32,000 full- and part-time jobs in the period between 2010 and the end of 2021 when the company reported eight fulfillment centers and nine delivery stations in North Carolina, as well as two Prime Now fulfillment centers, one wind far, one solar farm, and a 4-Star Store. While the company has shut down some operations across the state, such as its 4-star Stores, the company added more than 6,000 jobs in 2022 and looks to continue that growth with new facilities such as the one in Macon County. 

Generally speaking, jobs for facilities open 30 days before the scheduled launch of the site. Employment opportunities to work at the delivery station will be posted online here when available. 

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