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Macon Superior Court Calendar features 212 defendants ranging from DWI to murder

Not every arrest turns into a headline. Local law enforcement work around the clock to keep the community safe and oftentimes, the majority of the public has very little clue what the actual crimes happening in their background are. The November Superior Court docket in Macon County is extensive and extremely telling when looking at the range of crimes local law enforcement deal with as well as the court process the District Attorney’s Office and the Judicial System work through. 

The November 29th session of Superior Court in Macon County is an administrative court session. The Administrative Setting of Superior Court is required by statute to occur no later than 60 days from a case being indicted or calendared for Superior Court. The Administrative Setting serves as a function of the court to determine the status of a defendant’s representation by counsel, to determine deadlines for discovery, arraignment if necessary, and filing of motions for the pending case. The Administrative Setting is also the initial place for plea offers and plea negotiations to occur for pending cases. During an Administrative Setting, it is common for the court to schedule hearings for pretrial motions, set such motions for hearings on specific dates, defer ruling on motions until the trial of the cause, and other procedural matters. After all of this has occurred and if the case is not resolved via plea, the pending case would then be moved from the Administrative Calendar to a Trial Calendar. 

November’s Administrative Calendar in Macon County features 212 defendants. The oldest case on the calendar dates back to 2018 for a William Patterson who was charged with two counts of possession of controlled substances on a jail premises. The majority of the 212 defendants on the docket for November have cases that originated in 2021. 

The cases on the docket include dozens of drug trafficking in heroin, methamphetamine, MDA, and Fentanyl and double the number of pending cases for possession of those drugs. The docket includes half a dozen statuary rape cases and as many sexual battery cases involving children. The docket also includes rape charges and several kidnapping cases that are attached to assault on females and attempted murder charges. 

The most frequent type of cases on the docket are felony breaking and entering, felony larceny after breaking and entering, and felony possession of stolen goods — most of which are attached to possession of drug charges. 

Regarding firearm-related charges, there are a dozen stolen firearm charges, possession of a firearm by a felon, and assault with a deadly weapon cases pending. 

One of the other frequently occurring cases on the docket include felony possession of a controlled substance on a jail premise, which means that after being placed under arrest, the defendant did not disclose of additional illegal substances on their person, and those substances were later found by jail staff. 

November’s docket also features cases regarding embezzlement, habitual felon status for offenders, burglary, soliciting a child by computer, and Driving While Intoxicated which resulted in serious injury or death. 

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